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51st Annual Meeting, 2023, Leuven, Belgium

50th Annual Meeting, 2019, Helsinki, Finland

Program, 50th Annual Meeting of EWOPA, 2019, Helsinki

Nicole Parish, Considering Best Practice at Psycho-Social Meetings for Children with Renal Disease

Beverly Magowan, Our Experience Empowering Children and Young People to Self Cannulate AV fistulas

Chris Reid, EWOPA at 50

Timo Jahnukainen, Infants with ESRD – challenge and pitfalls

Lore Willem, Interventions for anxiety in pediatric care

Nijmegen Team, Invitation to Annual Meeting (cancelled , due to pandemic)

Anna Santamäki, Medical Treatment From the View of  the Ward Pharmacist

Nienke Maas-van Schaaijk, Medication adherence in children with chronic kidney disease: the role of self-efficacy
                                                                and executive functioning

Jenny Prüfe, Mental health following paediatric kidney transplantation

Nottingham University Hospital Youth Service, Support, Empowerment, Opportunity

Arvind Nagra, PEEER Project

Tania Sviridova, Psychological features of children and adolescents with chronic kidney disease

Elke De Bruyne, Stress, anxiety and depression in parents of children with CKD & its correlation with protective

Jetta Tuokkola, Supporting oral eating skills in children on dialysis

Nancy Kamphuis-Serpa, Trauma-informed care: Is being aware enough?

Francesco Emma, What happens to a child with renal failure?




49th Annual Meeting, 2018, Visegrad, Hungary


Jenny Prüfe, Why can't you love me?

Shahid Muhammad, Using social media to highlight and manage rare and long-term health conditions
                                                  in young people

Ivett Jakab, The rehabilitation program of organ transplanted children and adolescents in Hungary

Anita Engelen, Psychosocial impact of pediatric renal failure on siblings

Maria Angster, Psychological care of ESRD and transplanted patients

Heidi Ramsey, Promoting patient engagement  and nurse empowerment in a dialysis unit

Dirk Bethe, Preparation from early on and individual timing of transfer: A need-adapted transition program after
                            pediatric kidney transplantation

Colleen O'Neill, ‘Organised Chaos’ - Adolescents perspectives of the impact of Chronic Kidney Disease on their
                                     psychosocial wellbeing

Maria Angster, Let's share our stories from the edge

Diana Jurdi, Interactive use of ecomaps and genograms in pediatric end stage kidney disease: 
                              illustrative case presentations

Carmon Barton, Impact of transition between renal replacement modalities

Atinuke Ademefun, From HD to PD - A patient’s journey from a mother’s perspective

Marta Molnar-Varga, Executive and intellectual functions of children and adolescents with chronic kidney disease:
                                                  state of the art and the implications for practice

Chris Reid, EWOPA Business meeting

Helsinki Team, Invitation to Annual meeting 2019

Shahid Muhammad, Electronic patient records, library services, MDT meetings - is it not time
                                                  to integrate primary care for the better?

Carmen Barton, Developing new models of education in paediatric haemodialysis unit?

Nienke Maas-van Schaaijk,    Cognitive and psychosocial functioning in small children with end stage renal disease
                                                                   before living kidney transplant

Katie Naylor, Benefits of a Home Therapies Clinical Nurse Specialist

Nele Feddersen, Adherence in paediatric renal transplant recipients and its effects




48th Annual Meeting, 2017, Glasgow/Scotland

Jointly with the 50th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Nephrology (ESPN)


Dirk Bethe & Christopher Reid, History and current state of psychosocial care in European paediatric nephrology

Lore Willem , To transplant or not to transplant

Grainne Walsh, The impact of transplantation on siblings

Anna Tornivuori, A virtual hospital, an e-health tool for adolescents with severe chronic health conditions

Robert Novo, Transition from paediatric to adult nephrology units in France

Tracy Daglar, To safeguard or not to safeguard

Jenny Prüfe, Lars Pape, Martin Kreuzer, Survey on managing transition in transplant recipients Europe

Charlotte Van Herzeele, Elke De Bruyne, Stress, anxiety and depression in parents of children with chronic kidney

Ellen Samuel, Renal transplantation for a child with ASD

Charlotte Van Herzeele, Elke De Bruyne, Psychological wellbeing of children with CKD

Ifaf Asghar, Liz Hunter, Patients' experience of the transplant journey

Stacie Bowden, Parental experience of paediatric kidney transplantation

Marja Kenselaar, Marjoleine Van Der Zijde, Outpatient Nephrotic Syndrome Consultation

Jenny Prüfe, More than just IQ - specific neurocognitive difficulties in children with chronic renal failure and
                             kidney transplantation 

Nabil Melhem et al., Medication non-adherence is a leading modifiable cause for renal graft loss in childhood – 
                                                a large centre study

Fionna Bathgate, Making difficult decisions together

Maria Scanes, Living related renal transplantation from grandparental donors to paediatric recipients

Sophie Velleman, How to work effectively as an MDT

Marjukka Miettinen, How the Finnish kidney and liver association supports renal sick children, adolescents
                                                  and their families?

Helena Öborn, Health-related quality of life in children with chronic kidney disease

Malcolm Robinson, Harvey's gang

Nancy Kamphuis-Serpa  Ethical dimension in pre-transplant counseling and decision-making

 Hasmik Tadevosyan, Accompanying services within the Interdisciplinary Approach, Direct Aid Armenia























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